Nov 16, 2008

Upcoming 2009 MTB Race Schedule

Here are the dates and places for the upcoming season. It looks like there will be a race every 2 to 3 weeks starting in March; however, the League is still working out the details on permits, so you should consider this preliminary.

2009 NorCal High School MTB Schedule
  • March 1, Ft. Ord in Monterey (same course)
  • March 14, Folsom Lake in Roseville (same course)
  • April 5, Marin County (new venue!!!) or Toro Park (same course)
  • April 26, Nevada City (new venue!!!) or Angels Camp (same course)
  • May 17, Boggs Demonstration Forest (same course)
If you are curious how the schedule fits into the rest of the Northern California MTB races, check out the following blog (LINK). This is the best way to find out about local races. The practice schedule for the next two months can be found here (LINK).

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