Feb 16, 2009


What a weekend! Dan, Jakob, Robert, and Victor all raced in the Beginner Men 18 and Under category this past Sunday while Miho raced in the Beginner Women 18 and Under category in Monterey. Luis represented all of the El Cerrito Racing adults when he pulled up to the start line in the Beginner 19-34 category. Dan, Jakob, Victor, and Luis raced for the first time in their lives this past weekend!
Chris and John raced later in the day. Chris raced in the Expert 18 and under category while John raced in the Pro Men category.
I was going to race, but my bicycle was unable to recover from being backed into a large truck while hanging on a rear mounted bike rack. My mother, the driver of the vehicle, claims she was simply trying to prevent me from racing. Well, she did! My bike is now in the shop.

It was windy, wet and cold much of the day. Luis, Robert Sr., and Keith Bennett were kind enough to transport all of the racers to the course. Official results have not bee posted, however, I believe the following information is correct. In Beginner Men 18 and Under Victor finished 8th, Robert 12th, Jakob, 15th, and Dan 16th. Miho finished 5th in Beginner Women 18 and Under and received her first medal for Mountain Biking. She will hang this next to all of her Debate Team trophies and medals. Luis finished 6th in Beginner Men 19-34. Chris finished 3rd in Expert 18 and Under while John finished 2nd in Pro Men.

We will all be racing on this course in two weeks for the first race of the season. Hopefully the conditions will be better!

I found photographs posted online by a local photographer. You can view all of his photographs at the following link: http://bikeguy.smugmug.com/gallery/7375415_CPkYD#474924761_xtV4x

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